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CivInsure offers businesses and their employees high-quality tailored insurance cover which has been hand crafted for the Civil Construction iIndustry. All of our Insurance Policies are backed by secure, Australian based insurers who have excellent claims management philosophies that you can rely on.

Our highly experienced and qualified insurance advisers have more than 25 years of senior insurance experience in providing valuable solutions to the construction industry. During that time we have developed in-depth industry knowledge of your industry and as a result, we will provide you with modern insurance solutions for your commercial needs.

You can rely on CivInsure to deliver to you very competitive premiums and compelling insurance coverage that is provided to you by our dedicated insurance professionals. What is just as important to us is that we will commit to build a long-term partnership with you. A relationship that is built on advocacy, trust, reliability, knowledge and excellent value for money.

CivInsure will provide you with first class local service, advice and when needed, claims handling support. CivInsure delivers insurance products and services that benefit from our wide industry knowledge, invaluable experience and market leading intelligence.

Strength under the Insurance Advisernet banner

CivInsure is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Insurance Advisernet (IA) which was founded in 1996.

IA are a national organisation in both Australia and New Zealand and this allows CivInsure the benefit of maintaining their local presence whilst being able to be part of a national group for products and services needed by their customers in today’s complex business world.

Association Insurance (Aust) Pty Ltd trading as CivInsure is a Corporate Authorised Representative (No. 1275452)
of Insurance Advisernet Australia Pty Ltd, AFSL 240549.

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*Based on independent customer research conducted in March 2019.

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*Based on independent customer research conducted in March 2019.

90% Satisfaction with IA’s Claims Process**

**Based on independent customer research conducted in November 2019.

WHY USE CivInsure

We are not a newcomer to your industry. We have 25+ years’ experience in providing insurance solutions to the Civil Construction Industry. CivInsure is an insurance advisory firm that can save you time, money and worry. Just like an accountant or lawyer provides you with professional advice, based on years of training and experience, our team are well-qualified insurance advisers who can do the same with your insurance needs.

Construction insurance and insurance generally can be incredibly complicated to fully understand, and as your adviser, we can help you understand the details of an insurance policy and also work out what level of cover you need so that you are effectively protected.

Using CivInsure as your professional adviser often costs less than you expect because we have the knowledge of the current insurance market and the ability to negotiate competitive premiums on your behalf. In addition, because the CivInsure team deals with a wide range of insurance companies, we can access policies that are not available to most consumers who deal directly with an insurance company or agency.

If it so happens that you do have to make a claim, we will advocate on your behalf, liaising with the insurance company to negotiate the best possible outcome for you and your business.

So, whether it’s construction insurance, home, car, or other general insurances, Insurance Advisers are a trusted source of advice to ensure you are adequately protected.

Insurance Coverage that protects your livelihood: GET A QUOTE

This is how CivInsure can assist you and your Business

We understand your risks and business objectives so we have tailored your insurance program to protect your Business and livelihood.

We have done all the hard work with our insurance partners to hand craft an effective insurance program that will respond when you need it.

Using our extensive experience in managing insurance programs, we have created an easy and transparent application process.

We will constantly review your insurance program to ensure it meets your ongoing business needs.

To identify all opportunities for improvement, we perform a thorough review to assess your current insurance program.


There are many reasons why more construction businesses and trades people are protecting their businesses and livelihood with CivInsure. Most of all, they want to make sure they’ll have comfort, security and financial support if the worst was to occur. That way, they can concentrate on their project, contract, job or development without having to worrying about the stress and potential financial burden of trying to understand their insurance policy or having to deal with an incident or claim.

With our market specific and comprehensive Civil Construction Insurance Policies you can be comfortable that we can provide very secure coverage for you, your business, your employees and your clients.


Plant Equipment Insurance

Plant & Equipment

Our Policy, when necessary and appropriate can combine Material Damage, Road Risk and Business Interruption in one package. We can insure single items of owner-operated plant or large commercial fleets.

Construction Contract Works

Construction/Contract Works

Our Contract Works Policy combines both Material Damage and Public Liability in one package. We can offer a Policy that is rated on either a turnover basis, run-off contract or by an individual pay as you go declaration.

Public Products Liability

Public & Products Liability

This protects you and your business against the financial risk of being found liable to a third party for death or injury, loss or damage of property or economic loss resulting from your negligence.

Environment Pollution

Environment & Pollution Liability

This Policy can assist you by covering the environmental risks associated with owning, developing or operating a facility or site and can cover the costs related to pollution. Coverage is also afforded for liability to third parties arising from contamination of air, water, or land due to the sudden and accidental release of hazardous materials from the site.

Warranty Bond

Warranty/Bond Insurance

We can provide cover that protects you against disruptions or financial loss due to a contractor’s failure to complete a project or failure to meet contract specifications.

Commercial Motor Fleets

Commercial Motor & Fleets

We provide financial protection against a range of liabilities related to motor vehicles, including loss, damage, theft, third party property damage, hire car costs following damage and towing costs.

General Property

General Property

This coverage, also known as mobile tool or mobile equipment insurance, can protect your portable tools of trade from a range of different risks including accidental damage and theft.

Management Liability

Management Liability

Our Management Liability Policy includes coverage designed to address the risks confronting construction businesses and their management teams. Cover can include Directors and Officers Liability, Corporate Legal Liability, Trustee Liability and Occupational Health and Safety.

Drone Insurance

Drone Insurance

Our Policy is designed to cover the commercial use of drones. If your drone is lost, damaged or causes loss, damage or injury to others, our policy can cover your loss and the damages caused to others.

Business Packages

Business Packages

Our package can include cover for buildings, contents, stock and business interruption. Common risks associated with commercial properties are damage from fire, earthquakes, theft, malicious/accidental damage, loss of profit, glass, money, accidental damage, electronic and machinery breakdown.

Employment Practices Liability

Employment Practices Liability

This Policy provides coverage to employers against claims made by employees alleging discrimination based on sex, race, age or disability (for example), wrongful termination, workplace harassment and an inaction to prevent such events.

Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity

No matter how experienced you are or how long your business has been around, errors can still occur during daily operations. Our Professional Indemnity Insurance covers our clients against a wide range of scenarios – including damage caused by your professional negligence and/or advice, errors and omissions to defamation and intellectual property infringement.

Private motor vehicle

Private Motor Vehicle

We provide cover for the private and business use of your motor vehicle in the ordinary course of your business activities. Our coverage extends to include both your vehicle and any third-party damage your vehicle may cause.

Home Buildings Contents

Home Building and Contents Insurance

This Policy will cover your house and other structures on your property as well as your belongings for loss or damage due to events like fire, storms, accidental damage, motor burn out, theft and personal liability.

Insurance Coverage that protects your livelihood: GET A QUOTE


Making a claim can be a daunting task, especially as it typically occurs at an already difficult time. With this in mind, we see it as one of the most important times in our relationship with you. We will do everything we can to make the process as smooth and easy as possible. This includes:

  • Understanding the situation you are dealing with quickly.
  • Providing you with our professional advice and support when lodging the claim.
  • Arranging for an Insurance Assessor to be appointed (if necessary).
  • When required, organising qualified tradespersons to assist you locally.
  • Guiding you carefully through the claims process and explaining what to expect.
  • Advocating on your behalf to the Insurer.
  • Providing ongoing advice to ensure a fair and reasonable settlement occurs.

Steps to Lodge a Claim


Contact us so we can discuss what’s happened and carefully review what has occurred against your insurance cover.


If necessary, we’ll send you the relevant information and outline any other documentation your Insurer is likely to require.


We will assist and guide you on how to complete your claim form.


Email your completed information back to us so we can check everything and then forward it to the Insurer on your behalf.



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Civil Contractors Federation

CivInsure in partnership with the Civil Contractors Federation Queensland has arranged for members to be provided exclusively designed cover for their commercial Insurance needs.

CivInsure will support the Civil Contractors Federation Queensland through the payment of referral fees. This financial support will assist CCF Qld to improve valuable services that are provided to members. Between 1.5% and 3% of base premium will be rebated from CivInsure to CCF Qld as a referral fee.